Keys To Success

How to Measure Success – Part 2

Brandy Garza founded COR Bookkeeping & Consulting to assist other businesses in growing and reaching their desired long-term goals. We help businesses locally and nationwide with the small companies, bookkeeping, accounting, administrative and technological needs. We specify in helping business owners solve work-related problems and help them get money back in their pockets.

You are starting a business, whether small or big, can be hectic and can create a massive loss if not carefully managed. Most companies require employees and customers, and learning how your business affects their lives is crucial. Here are some ways to measure the impact your business has on your employees, customers, and community.

Center on Outcomes

The number of employees involved, dollars put up, and the number of hours set up are very important to comprehend a business level of commitment to a cause. It is essential to understand how the projects change the lives of the community stakeholders, beneficiaries, and volunteers, which will help create a better world. Whatever your vision statement, you should always think about what makes your work a good and successful outcome and the way forward to measure the effect. This can be done by understanding what is at stake and also what is best for your employees.

Listen to Your Associates

When you listen to small focus groups or social media polling, you will learn what is essential to your employees, suppliers, customers, and community members. When you take time and understand their needs, goals, and motivations, the programs you will evolve can be made to serve their interests and will create a high value for them. You can also offer charity to the best employee to motivate others to do a better job.

The team we’ve built at COR Bookkeeping & Consulting know the importance of connection and in sharing feedback. That’s why we have regular check-ins with each other to listen to each other’s needs, share feedback, and encourage one another.

Do Not Underrate Stories

Companies often believe that they can solve the impact through hours, percentages, dollars, or increase or decrease, while impact sometimes can’t be quantified. How an employee’s life changes when they are given a fair wage is outstanding. The philanthropy of the business toward the employees must be of the better good.

Learn From Others

The best way to improve your impact is by learning from others, especially those that have made it. Some companies have used measurements to increase the impact of their products. You can start pursuing publications and event websites to promote knowledge and good practices.


Here at COR Bookkeeping & Consulting, we offer every small business’s accounting and administrative support tools to help achieve the goals and vision you have for your business and its employees. Contact us today to start your journey.