How To Grow Your Small Business

3 Strategies to Grow Your Small Business

When you have a smaller business, you wear a lot of hats. You’d love for your business to grow, but you’re reluctant to take on more hats, plus scaling your business is hard enough as it is. If you do everything yourself, you have to understand tax prep for your business, process payroll, bookkeeping, and other areas.

There comes a moment when it’s time to move forward, and below are three strategies to grow your business. We will be discussing why you should connect with your customers on social media, launch your company page on LinkedIn, and why bringing in more people is essential.

Bring In More People

One of the most significant issues COR sees when people are scaling their business is that they and the other people who may work for them are wearing too many hats. When you hire the right people in the key areas where you need it most, your workload becomes more manageable and able to be aligned with your business growth vision.

A bookkeeping service such as COR helps you track income and expenses, so you know what you owe others and what others owe you, especially when it comes to payroll processing. When you have a good bookkeeping relationship with an accountant, they’re aware of any transitional times within your business, know your goals, your expectations for them, and the operations of your business. Admin support helps you spring into business, even more so when you spring into bookkeeping.

Use LinkedIn

If you want to grow your business, you have to get linked in with LinkedIn. When you sign up to LinkedIn as a business, you can build your company page to let people know what your business does, your vision, and your business industry. You can also add your website, add how many people are in the company, where your headquarters are, and more on your profile.

LinkedIn helps you grow your business by promoting your business and its content. You can use your page to post about job opportunities to hire remote freelancers or hire people to work for your small business in person.

Expand to Social Media

Using social media also helps grow your business as long as you do it wisely. You can use social media to increase brand awareness, increase web traffic to your business, or even physical traffic to your business if possible. Social media also helps you communicate and engage with customers to solve problems, analyze data, and show the human side of your small business.

If you’re looking to grow your business and want to remove some hats, we’re here to help. At COR Bookkeeping & Consulting, we provide admin support, bookkeeping, and technology services to help your business run more efficiently. Contact us today to get started with a free consultation from COR Bookkeeping & Consulting.