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Meet the Team

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Brandy Garza, Ceo Of Cor Bookkeeping &Amp; Consulting

Brandy Garza, CEO

About COR Tax & Bookkeeping

Nearly a decade ago, Brandy Garza founded COR Tax & Bookkeeping to help other businesses grow and reach their long-term goals. Today, our team at COR helps businesses locally – in Dallas and Austin, and nationwide with their small business administrative, bookkeeping, and accounting needs.


How We Came to Be a Leading Bookkeeping Firm

In 2010, Brandy took a step back from her Sr. Operations and Management position to explore a career in the accounting world. Shortly after making this change, she knew that she had found her passion; using numbers to tell a story about what is happening in a business. Her early background in Operations Management and experience in accounting helped create COR Tax & Bookkeeping.

Our success comes from experience, where we apply our knowledge of process improvement, technology implementation and accounting to assist owners in solving their pain points and, ultimately, putting money back into their pocket.





Years of Experience

CEO Brandy Garza's Interview about COR

Are You Ready to See How COR Can Help Your Small Business?

Working with clients beyond the numbers is only part of what COR provides. We offer the accounting and administrative support tools that every small business needs. Call us now or contact us online to book a 30-minute consultation and soon you’ll be back to doing what you love doing in your business!

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Take advantage of a free consultation with COR Tax & Bookkeeping, where our team of experts will assess your business’s needs and provide valuable insights to help you make informed financial decisions.