Importance Of Chamber Of Commerce

How Chambers of Commerce Help Austin’s Small Businesses Grow

Entrepreneurship is on the rise, especially in Austin! According to The Official City of Austin Open Data Portal, in 2020, Austinites in Travis County alone owned 38,547 small businesses. With so many small business owners around, they are going to need some support, and that’s where Chambers of Commerce come in! 

What Is A Chamber Of Commerce, And What Makes Them So Vital For Small Businesses? 

A chamber of commerce is usually a non-profit organization made up of business owners and entrepreneurs themselves with the goal of promoting the growth of small businesses in their community. There are several ways a chamber of commerce can help local businesses. A chamber of commerce may host networking events or provide resources and services to businesses, such as offering financial aid on loans or marketing assistance.  

Outside of offering assistance and aid, chambers of commerce also help small businesses in the government sphere by lobbying topics that puts local businesses’ best interests forward. A chamber of commerce works to promote small businesses on all fronts, which is what makes them a very useful ally for any entrepreneur needing to get their feet on the ground running. Austin and its surrounding metro area has a lot of chambers of commerce around dedicated to helping small businesses like ours.

The Greater Austin Chamber Of Commerce 

The Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce is an organization we at COR Bookkeeping & Consulting work closely with. The organization’s goal is to “work with businesses looking to create or expand their presence in the Austin region and help them create more jobs.” By doing so, this growth of job opportunities will only add to the overall wellbeing of the community’s economy. Since 2004, the Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce has contributed 63% of the rise of jobs in the area

The chamber aids the growth of small businesses like ours through advocacy and hosting various networking events. The chamber’s local advocacy council focuses on supporting affordable land-use plans, transportation policies such as Project Connect, and talent development. All these things and so much more aid small businesses in keeping afloat in the ever-changing economy. 

The chamber also has plenty of networking events and sponsorship opportunities for small businesses to take part in year-round. If you are a small business owner looking to connect with others, you can find the chamber’s calendar of upcoming events on its official website here

The Greater Austin Hispanic Chamber Of Commerce

Another chamber we are a part of and does an excellent job at supporting local businesses is the Greater Austin Hispanic Chamber of Commerce! Established in 1973, the organization strives to “continue the advancement and progression of a strong and stable economic culture for Hispanic businesses.” Similar to the Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce, the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce achieves this through advocacy and providing resources to businesses.  

Additionally, the chamber offers business education with their Small Business University (Small Biz U) classes and their Hispanic Austin Leadership Program (HAL). These programs can help owners and employees of small businesses grow their leadership skills as well as build strong connections within their community. 

The chamber has a calendar outline of numerous social and business events, both in English and Spanish, which are the perfect networking opportunities.  You can see all the year’s events on their website here

If you’re a small business like us who needs extra support, becoming a member of a local chamber of commerce could help you out greatly! There are chambers of commerce all around the Austin area with resources and services available ready to advance the growth of your small business. You can find a full list of chambers on the Austin Relocation Guide website