Administrative Support

The Importance of Administration Support

As a business, we know you got a lot on your plate. You have a meeting a ten, a client to help with at one, phone calls to return, Instagram posts that need to be scheduled, and hey! Did you forget to order copy paper again?

Running a business is no easy task and you are going to need help which is why having administrative support is important to your business’ success. Think of administrative support as the backbone of your organization. They are there to help keep everything running up and running smoothly, so you have time to do the thing that you love! And lucky for you, COR Bookkeeping & Consulting has what you need to be the backbone of your business! And we do more than just pick up the phone.

How COR’s Administrative Support Can Help You

Behind every small business is a person and we know not all people are alike which is why our administration package offers a variety of services! Need help answering phone calls? We got you covered! Have some documentation that needs filling. You got you there too! Need to apply for a loan or a permit, but do not have the time to? Don’t worry, we’ve got the time to help you out!

The administrative side of COR Bookkeeping & Consulting is here to handle on-boarding procedures, document form completions, payroll processing, meeting set-ups, and plenty more. Each member of our administration team is trained and ready to help you with your tasks, so you can worry less about scheduling and more about truly doing your passion.

And if you need something that is not on our standard administrative package, don’t sweat it! We are your backbone, remember? We are happy to create a package that fits your needs.

Need Administrative Support? Let’s Talk!

Don’t bury yourself in administration work. Let us help! We can figure out with services you need through a free consultation. You can contact us eitherĀ by phone or online. Through our consultation together, we will be able to give more details of our services, see what works for you, and help take that load off you so can get back to running your business.